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Three Ways God Might Speak to You

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

God's voice is like a quiet, gentle whisper (1 Kings 19:12).

As long as we tune in our ears to the Holy Spirit, God is always speaking to us.

When I was single I was always desperately seeking God's revelation regarding the man I would marry and about the timing in which this would happen. His revelation often came to me during my time of prayer and meditation of His Word. But sometimes it came unexpected, such as when receiving a prophetic Word from my pastor, or a piece of advice from my parents, or even during moments of solitude such as when I was cleaning my room.

For me, a huge part of having received the blessing of a godly husband had to do with the ability of hearing God's voice and walking in the instruction He was giving me. As a single woman, you will need God's guidance and revelation at all times. In the most importance decision of your life - choosing whom you are going to marry - make sure you are following God's lead and not only your feelings and emotions. Your feelings and emotions can be deceiving, but God's Word is always reliable.

Getting married to a man from God is one of those things that you want to get right. You don't want to waste precious years of your life in relationships that lead nowhere, neither do you want to deal with heartbreak and disappointment along the way.

So how can you hear God's voice? There are a few ways in which God might speak to you and I have briefly described three of them below:

1. God will speak to you through His Word (The Bible):

All of the Bible is "God-breathed," which means that He inspired it. The Bible is the most reliable way in which God might speak to you. He left in it instructions and principles that will guide your entire life!

2. God will speak to you through prayer:

Prayer is perhaps one of the most intimate ways in which God might speak to you. The Bible says that God's voice is like a gentle whisper, so in order to be able to hear His voice you need to quiet your mind and walk away from the business of life for a moment. When you go into your room and talk to God in private, be expectant of hearing His still, small voice.

3. God will speak to you through His Holy Spirit:

God sent His Holy Spirit to be our Guide. The Holy Spirit is God's presence living within us. The Holy Spirit plays many roles, He comforts us when we are hurting, He gives us peace, He recalls us of things we have learned about God, He is also our Counselor because He guides us in our everyday lives.

These are just a few and the most common ways that God might speak to you. But there are many more! He might also speak to you through other believers in Christ, such a pastor, a spiritual mentor, a teacher or a family member. He might also speak to you through circumstances you are facing.

When God speaks to you, you will receive revelation of things that are to come, discernment about people and situations, understanding about His timing for things that you are waiting for, and also direction for your future.

In my book Love On Hold I dig deeper into this topic of how to hear God's voice, how to clearly differentiate it from your own thoughts and how to specifically apply His guidance in practical ways into your love life. I also present practical examples of what it is like to walk guided by the Holy Spirit vs. walking guided by your own emotions.

If this blog post spoke to you, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Get the tools you need to navigate your journey as a single woman with my newest book Love On Hold.

I pray that as you walk courageously in faith and in the instruction that God will be giving, you will see the outcome you have been praying for.

For the love you deserve,

Cintia Stirling


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