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My greatest passion is to bring hope, encouragement and comfort to women in need, especially to single women who are on the journey to find love.

During my single years, I faced the many challenges that single women struggle with  − heartbreaks, disappointments, fears and insecurities. I felt hopeless and discouraged many times. I knew that it wasn't God's plan for love to be this hard. Something was wrong, something was missing. I needed to find what it was, so I let God take control and show me the way. His way!

I made a promise to Him. "Dear Lord," I said, "The day that You bless me with a husband, I am going to write a book for every single woman to know the way You allow love to happen." Little did I know that all of those years as a single in waiting were God’s preparation, not only for Him to introduce me to the love of my life, but also for Love On Hold to come to existence.

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As I surrendered my desire for love and followed God's lead, He miraculously orchestrated an encounter with my now beloved husband Caleb. Over the years, I have been blessed to witness and learn from the love stories of many single women around the world who dared to believe God, moved forward in faith and received the blessing of a spouse.

I felt inspired to write a book that would capture all these inspiring godly stories and testimonies. A book that by using biblical truth would bring hope, encouragement and godly wisdom to every single woman who is in the journey of finding love. 

It is God's plan and desire to bless you with a spouse, if that is a longing of your heart. So take heart dear woman of God, do not lose hope. Allow me to share my journey and the journey of many others. It is my prayer that God prepares your heart and the heart of your future husband to bring you  together one day.

It is my hope that Love On Hold will challenge you to stop pursuing worldly relationships and will inspire you to pursue love in God's way. 


For the love you deserve,

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God has given me an important commission: to speak His truth into single women's lives and to help them in their journey to find love. It is not by chance that you are on this page. Let's take this journey together!

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