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Cintia Stirling


Love On Hold is a Christian book that helps single women find love in God’s way. Love On Hold offers hope, encouragement and godly wisdom concerning love, dating and relationships to every single woman longing to find a husband.


Who can benefit from LOVE ON HOLD?

Every single woman will benefit from reading Love On Hold. Whether you are single and actively dating, single but haven’t dated in a long time, single but have never dated, divorced or widow, this book is for each and every one of you.


What age group was LOVE ON HOLD written for?

This book is for all ages! It is as much for the single teen, as it is for older singles in their thirties, forties and beyond. Although everybody’s journeys and experiences in love are very different, two things are universal and apply to every single situation no matter what: God’s Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This book is full of them both!


How is LOVE ON HOLD different from other love and relationships books?

Love On Hold blends in a unique and fascinating way biblical truth, storytelling and testimonies from people all over the world. Because of that, Love On Hold will inspire and challenge the reader to leave aside worldly ways of pursuing love relationships to start pursuing love in God’s way.


Where can I buy Love On Hold?

You can buy Love On Hold here and also in Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iTunes and at major book retailers globally.


Is Love On Hold available in both printed (hard-copy) and digital formats?

Yes, Love On Hold is available in paperback, hardcover and digital formats. You can read Love On Hold on any device when buying your book through our own Store, Apple Books, or Amazon Kindle. Kindle reader platform is free. You can download Amazon Kindle app and read Love On Hold anytime and anywhere. You can download Free Kindle App here.


What languages is Love On Hold available?

Love On Hold: Waiting on the Man of God is also available in Spanish under the title, Amor en Espera: Esperando por el Esposo que Dios tiene para Ti.


Is there a Bible Study available for Love On Hold?

Love On Hold comes with a Discussion Questions section at the end of the book, thus facilitating discussion groups and Bible studies.


Does Cintia Stirling make speaking arrangements?

Yes, Cintia is honored to speak at live events. If you are interested in having Cintia speak at your event, please click here or  send your inquiry to:

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