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Three Mistakes Most Christian Singles Make

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Hi beautiful!

A lot of people think that finding true love, the one that is unconditional, pure, complete and everlasting, is something that happens to a few lucky ones. The truth of the matter is that love doesn’t happen accidentally. It is not something just reserved for a few people, neither is it solely the result of God's intervention.

When it comes to finding the right person, I have found that the great majority of singles commit at least one of the following three mistakes: 

Mistake #1: They wait for God to bring love to their lives, but they don’t do anything to help that happen. They normally see years passing by and nothing in their lives is changing. These are passive waiters.

Mistake #2: They do a lot of things to find love but they don’t seek God’s guidance at all. They normally find themselves in one relationship after another, and none of them work. They get frustrated, disappointed and wounded. These are the blind-pursuers.

Mistake #3: They seek God’s guidance, however they do everything except what God has asked them to do. They tend to develop feelings of guilt and regret because they are walking against God’s will and they are knowingly doing so. These are the ones of little faith or the disobedient ones.

However, there are a very few that actually seek God’s guidance and take action as He asks them to do something, or step back as He warns them of not doing something. These are the obedient ones. It is this last group that obtains God’s richest blessings and often succeeds in everything they put their mind and heart to, including finding the right partner and forming a happy, successful marriage.

I found myself at different times in my life making each of the above three mistakes. For some time I was a passive waiter, at other times I was a blind-pursuer and on several occasions I was disobedient to God. As a result, I wasn’t able to receive God’s blessing. It wasn’t until I courageously moved in faith and obedience to God that I met my husband. And not just any husband, but the man that God had destined for me.

In my book, Love On Hold, I share practical ways on how to avoid each of these mistakes. I share stories and testimonies of women who were stuck as passive waiters, blind-pursuers or disobedient to God and how after following God's lead they were able to receive the blessing of a godly husband.

If this blog post spoke to you, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Get the tools you need to navigate your journey as a single woman with Love On Hold. I pray that God gives you the revelation you need to not blindly-pursue love anymore, but to courageously move forward in faith as He leads you.

For the love you truly deserve,

Cintia Stirling

Love On Hold: Waiting on the Man of God
Love On Hold: Waiting on the Man of God


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