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The Meaning Behind The Cover

Love On Hold Book by Cintia Stirling

Hi there!

I thought you might be curious to know the meaning behind the cover of Love On Hold. I personally love this book cover, and here is why, the colors truly tell meaning of this book:

  • BLACK: The black background represents Power. You will be empowered by God as you read and apply the concepts of this book in your life. It also represents Courage and Strength, important qualities that you will need in order to embark in the Love On Hold journey.

  • PINK: The pink heart represents the pursuit of Love, Romance, and Passion. It comes in the form of a sparkling diamond, because the love story that God has planned for you is truly bright and beautiful.

  • WHITE: The white letters represent your Faith, the pursuit of Purity, and the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the meaning of the book cover. To learn more about this book click here.

If you are single, I pray that this book helps you find the love that you truly deserve.


Cintia Stirling


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