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Fun Facts About Love On Hold

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Love On Hold Book by Cintia Stirling
Did You Know That Love On Hold is Also Available in Digital version on Amazon Kindle?

Hi beautiful!

I thought you might be interested in learning a few things that happened before Love On Hold came to existence :). Let me share with you a few fun facts about my journey to write this book...

Did you know that:

  • God called me to write Love On Hold when I was a single woman (that was about 7 years ago), but it wasn’t until I got married that I actually started the manuscript.

  • The first version of Love On Hold was written in another language before it was translated into English.

  • It took 4 years to fully finish and translate the original manuscript.

  • The first chapter was the last one to be written.

  • Several pastors, church leaders and many women around the world were interviewed for the stories and testimonies that were included in the book.

  • I spent countless hours at bookstores and on internet looking for ideas for book cover designs. My vision for the book cover was something clean, abstract, mature and stylish.

  • I felt truly devastated when I saw the first book cover design mockup, as it didn’t represent the vision I had.

  • Five book covers mockups where designed before I made the final choice.

I know, that’s crazy! But thankfully, as Jesus said, “IT IS FINISHED.” Now, I am super excited to share this book with the world!

I hope you enjoyed learning about these facts. To learn more about this book click here.

If you are single, I pray that this book helps you find the love you truly deserve.



Love On Hold Book
Love On Hold: Waiting on the Man of God


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