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Feeling Grateful

"Looking back I feel truly grateful

for what the Lord has done."

Cintia Stirling by the Christmas Tree, December 2018.

2018 was definitely a year of transition. I remember that by this time last Christmas I was praying for several things that I felt were missing in my life. My husband and I were still very new to San Antonio, as a result we didn't know that many people. We were still figuring out a lot of things, such as: what church to go to, how to get connected and how to make the most of our life in this vibrant city.

During a long stretch of time I felt truly lonely. I was praying for meaningful friendships with women who help me grow in my relationship with God. I was also praying for purpose and for the ability to stay focused and finish writing my book, Love On Hold.

Today, God has answered all of those prayers and more in a beautiful way. I feel grateful for the people He brought to my life this year and the meaningful relationships that have been formed. I also feel grateful for our family, our home, our health, our church, our business, our team and our soon to be released book!

Sometimes waiting in God is hard. But it is in those times of waiting, when seemingly nothing is happening, that He accomplishes some of His greatest and most special purposes in us. It is in the midst of silence that His whispering voice is heard. It is in the midst of solitude that His presence is felt in the most powerful and sublime ways.

As we approach 2019 I feel truly excited and expectant of what is to come. Are there more things that I am waiting for? Absolutely, there will always be. But as I wait, I have chosen to trust THE ONE who works in mysterious ways and who does everything beautiful in His timing.

Cintia Stirling


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