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Embark in your Love On Hold journey with God with this Book + Bracelet combo.


About the Book

There is a desperate cry among single women who feel ready to get married. They start relationships that end in heartbreak; they grow tired and wounded. “Will I ever find a husband?” they wonder, “Why is this so hard?”


Love was not meant to be this way…


In her book Love On Hold, author Cintia Stirling challenges single women to take a leap of faith and embark on a one of a kind journey with God to find love. This journey pursues honor, purity, commitment and intervention of the Holy Spirit.


Blending biblical truth, with storytelling and testimonies, Love On Hold demonstrates that pursuing love God’s way will always be better than following the ways of this world. Inspiring, real and life changing this book will offer hope, wisdom and encouragement to every single woman who is longing for a husband. And not just any husband but a man that comes from God’s own hand.


About the Bracelet


This bracelet, companion of the Love On Hold book, features 5 charms that will be a reminder to you and a testimony to others about your Love On Hold journey:


  • The Cross: Your journey with God.
  • The Heart: Your desire to find love.
  • The Diamond: The pursuit of Purity.
  • The Ring: The pursuit of Commitment.
  • The Wings: The intervention of the Holy Spirit.


The meaning of the bracelet is this:

"Your journey with God, to find Love, pursuing Purity, Commitment and the intervention of the Holy Spirit."



    This combo includes:

    • A Love On Hold book (Paperback).
    • A slider bracelet of the color of your choice.
    • Two stainless steel stoppers (to stop charms from moving).
    • Five charms (Cross, heart, diamond, ring and wings).
    • A black velvet bag for the bracelet.


    The Bracelet comes in two colors to chose from: SILVER and ROSE GOLD.

    Made of stainless steel and crystals.  

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